My tips & favorite products to get beautiful, healthy hair

One of the questions that I’m asked the most is which tips I have to get beautiful, healthy hair. Over the past 10 years, I’ve managed to completely change my hair and went from dry, thin hair to beautiful lush locks with minimum efforts! At the end of the day, it comes down to a few key things: not washing your hair too much, using the right tools, and choosing your hair products carefully!

I decided to film a video on the subject as it allowed me to show you my favorite products and how I use them. I truly hope that this video will encourage you to show some love to your hair and that you’ll see results in no time!

My favorite hair care products

Bumble & Bumble – Blow dry accelerator FR
Mason & Pearson
Leonor Greyl – L’huile
Kristin Ess – Spray de finission
Urtekram – Rose conditioner
Avril – Hair mask
Batiste – Dry shampoo amazon FR
Bumble & Bumble – Masque pré shampooing FR (amazon)
Kristin Ess – Mousse volumatrice
Wet brush sephora FR
Bumble & Bumble – Bond-building styler FR
Bumble and bumble – Hairdressers Invisible Oil Dry Oil Finishing Spray FR
Scap massager
Urtekram – Nettle shampoo
Urtekram – Rose spray
Urtekram – Rose shampoo
Charles Worthington – Texturising spray
Colab -Dry shampoo

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