The best jewelry storage

One of the questions that I get asked the most, is how I store and organize my jewelry collection. While I explained everything in detail in this post, I really wanted to share more about my Stacker jewelry tray.

I got the box set with 5 trays and added another one late last year. These are designed to store all your necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings in the most practical yet stylish way. I especially love using the trinket layer to store all of my earrings!

They also have slider trays that are perfect to use inside drawers in your closet.

Stackers Classic Necklace Layer
Stackers Classic Ring & Bracelets Layer
Stackers Classic Trinket Layer
Stackers Classic Jewellery Box Lid
Stackers Classic 25 Section Trinkets Jewellery Tray
Stackers Classic Deep Open Jewellery Tray
Stackers Mini 11 Section Jewellery Tray
Stackers Mini Jewellery Box
Stackers Classic 5 Section Jewellery Tray
Stackers Mini Jewellery Box Lid
Stackers Large Travel Jewellery Box
Stackers Classic Watch & Accessories Layer
Stackers Lidded Cufflink Box
Stackers Classic Trinket Layer
Stackers Medium Travel Jewellery Box
Stackers White Slider, Large
Stackers White Slider, Medium

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