Casual in Paris /// Casual in Paris

Do you remember when I was in Paris, a few weeks ago? Well, I completely forgot to share some photos that we shot with you! To be honest, things have been pretty hectic around here. Renaud came back last week from his ski trip with an injured shoulder. It’s the seventh time that he has dislocated his shoulder but somehow, even with the reconstructive surgery that he had 5 years ago, the issue is back. He’s obviously off work for a couple more weeks but it means that I have to squeeze in doctor’s appointments into my schedule. Not that I mind at all but it means that some things get pushed back…

But anyways, back to the photos! This is the outfit that I wore on Saturday, for a busy day of shopping in the city. We actually had our wedding registry at Printemps, so we spent most of the afternoon wandering around their home department. That being said, it was freezing outside so a warm coat and a scarf were pretty compulsory! While I tend to dress up a bit more when I am in Paris, I only packed casual clothes for this trip. We were only in town for one night and we didn’t have anything too fancy planned so comfort was key! For this outfit, I reached for this white shirt that I’ve had for years (do you remember seeing it back in 2012?) mixed with one of my new Rodier sweaters. This grey one if so soft & warm all while being thin, which is perfect for layering! Of course, I wore my trusty American Eagle jeggings & my Acne pistol boots but I also added my Essentiel coat for a slight pop of color and threw on my PS11 bag which allows me to carry pretty much everything that I need when I am abroad (read camera, extra phone battery, notebooks, etc…) /// Casual in /// Casual in /// Casual in Paris /// Casual in /// Casual in Paris /// Casual in Paris



  1. lilacchocolate
    February 13, 2017 / 18:06

    Holy gorgeous Axelle!!! Loving your layering here!!! Well wishes for Renaud to have a speedy recovery!

  2. Made By F.
    February 17, 2017 / 16:46

    Simple & classy! Love it! And the colour of the coat fits you so well!

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