Everyday is a fresh start

Wearing color in winter is something that I am not used to. I pretty much wear only black and grey during the colder months so any colorful addition to my winter wardrobe is always welcome. It’s not secret that my favorite color is pink so when I came across this sweater from Pimkie, I was immediately drown to it. Despite its cheap price tag, I hesitated… Will this be something that I would only wear a few times and then bury inside my closet? Is this too Barbie pink to be wearable in real life? Is it too bulky and make me look fat? And then I decided that screw it, it makes me happy and at the end of the day, it’s all that matter!

Fast forward a few months (these photos were shot a while ago) and I am still in love with that sweater. Sure, I don’t wear it every single day, but it’s becoming one of my favorite piece and I can totally see myself wearing it through this spring as well.

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