Clarins instant light natural lip perfector in rose shimmer, apricot shimmer & candy shimmer.

The most dangerous place on earth for me and my wallet recently has to be a Clarins counter. If you’ve watched my spring skincare video, you’ll know that I went a bit crazy at their Printemps counter during my stay in Paris last March.Now Clarins is a brand that I always overlooked for some reason. I used a couple of their products that landed on my shelves quite randomly and I could spend hours looking at pictures of the gorgeous Courtin-Clarins ladies but somehow, I never paid much attention to the brand. That was until recently.I’ve found the perfect lip gloss. I don’t even like lipgloss. Until I applied the instant light natural lip perfector in shade 02 apricot shimmer. Immediatly, I knew that I was in love.

The formula of these is simply unbelievable. It sits somewhere between a balm and a traditional gloss and goes on smoothly onto your lips. It delivers a sheer color on your lips (although the shade 05 candy shimmer -as seen on the photo above- is a bit more opaque) but leaves them looking flawless and shiny. Don’t be fooled by their “shimmer” names, I can’t spot any trace of the lsight shimmer. The formula is not sticking which is probably the reason why I now always have a tube in my bag (it replaced my well loved Revlon lip butters). No more hair stuck on the lips. Talk about a revolution!
Oh, and can we talk about the packaging for a minute? It has to be the most perfect packaging I’ve ever seen for a gloss. First, the tubes look gorgeous. Let’s be honest here, I think we can all agree that a good packaging is what attracts us to a product in the first place and Clarins did a real good job here. These squeezy tubes are perfect to carry around with you at all times (truth is, I apply it so often that everyone around me -even boys- recognize them!) and their velvety sponge applicator make them easy to apply perfectly even without a mirror. And did I mention that they smell like vanilla just yet? I think I just got you hooked.
These Clarins instant light natural lip perfector are available in six shades , from any Clarins counter or online and retail for 16,50€


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