Home fragance


Every time I come back home, one of the thing I look the most forward to is lighting a candle. There’s something so relaxing about a dancing flame and I just love to have my home smell like home.For the past years, I’ve been trying just about any scented thing that is available. I’ve had a phase with encens and did the whole wax tart thing; but lately I’ve narrowed down my favorites and these are the crème de la crème.


I never truly understood what all the fuss about Dyptique candle was all about until I moved to Paris. I remember walking into their tiny store in le Marais and smelling every scent that they had -twice. I ended up choosing Santal, which is still a favorite to this day. Another scent that I am loving at the moment is Opopanax. It is a woody scent but with a fresh twist, perfect for this time of the year.As I was telling you, I love a good Santal candle, and Muji has a great option available for a fraction of the price of a Dyptique candle. It comes in a completely transparent glass jar and last a fair amount of hours. While I don’t find the scent to be as concentrated as the Dyptique one, this offers a nice cheaper alternative. Then come the Ralph Lauren scented candles. I got my very first one when I was 16 years old and ever since I always have one in my home. They come in a vast variety of scents, amongst which crackling fire, holidays and Los Cabos. I always try to pick them up on sale as they usually go for 50% off. My last candle pick is a tiny tin candle from Muji. This line has some amazing and unique scents and is really affordable. I am currently burning Fire log as it reminds me of long winter night by the fire. When I don’t have the time to burn a candle or if I want a more immediate result, I rely on room sprays. The first one that I really like comes from Zara home and is by far the best quality for money available out there. I’ve had this bottle for months now and I am not even half way down. Another great option are the Ralph Lauren room sprays. I usually pick up the Holidays scented ones and spray my whole place with it!


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