London fashion week with Eurostar

One of the perks of living in Brussels, is the fact that I can just hop on a train and end up in London in just two hours. Two hours, that’s crazy right? For my first time at London fashion week, I was thrilled to take the Eurostar to London St Pancras.Comfortably seated in my first class seat, I enjoyed watching the landscapes go by so quickly. I flipped through some magazines that you can get for free on the train and I even enjoyed a nice and healthy breakfast while doing so. Positively dreamy.Within two hours, I was in London, ready for some fashion action and already stocking up on green juice from Pret à manger! Oh and I forgot to mention that you can take up to two large suitcases with no weight limit  with you on the train, and trust me, that comes in handy for fashion week!


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