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Snow beauty | Style playground

With a dehydrated skin like mine, rushing out the door on a snow day isn’t really an option. Since it’s freezing outside, I like to spend an extra minute or so to hydrate my skin and my hair.
I start off with a few sprays from the Caudalie beauty elixir. This face mist/toner smells heavenly and just prep my skin for my moisturizer. I then apply a pea size amount of Hydraluron, a newbie in by bathroom that I got in London earlier this month. It goes on like a charm and sinks directly into your skin. The texture is somewhere between a serum and a gel but, oh boy, this is magic in a tube. It really plumps your skin and retain moisture below your skin. On top I layer what could possibly be my new favorite moisturizer: Radical anti-aging restorative moisture. While I don’t really need a anti-aging product just yet, I have to say that this moisturizer leaves my skin super moisturized and ready for makeup!
To finish off, I apply a bit of Nuxe rêve de miel lip balm, a super thick lip product that leaves a slight matte finish on your lips; and a bit of Phyto 9 day cream on my ends.
I repeat this process at night but I tend to replace my moisturizer with the Origins drink up intense overnight mask (full review here) that rehydrates my skin while I sleep…



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