The secret to supple skin

The secret to supple skin

If there’s one step in my beauty routine that I always skip, it has to be moisturising my body. Whenever I step out of the shower, I want to get dressed as soon as possible and I always skip body lotion all together. While this hasn’t been an issue in the past years, I am starting to notice that my skin is looking less firm and doesn’t look great at all…It was time to do something but between the move and getting everything organised in here, it didn’t really happened. That was until last week, when I rediscovered my l’Occitane almond body care. I had forgotten about these but I was so happy to find them in the bottom of a box. This range has an incredible scent and really works well on my body. I took the supple skin oil & the milk concentrate and placed them in evidence near my bathroom sink to remember to use them daily.

I am the first surprised that I actually use them on a daily basis now. It’s becoming my ‘me time’ ritual of every evening, just before going to bed to watch some Netflix. I first apply the supple skin oil all over my body. This almond scented oil comes in a spray, which makes it very easy to get just the right amount of product. I love how creamy this oil feels on the skin and I can instantly feel my skin drinking this up. Now this oil doesn’t sink into the skin as quickly as I would like it to do but it also means that it works a bit longer to get things really plumped and supple. Then, I follow up with a bit of the milk concentrate. This light moisturiser feels very fresh and almost cooling on the skin and works great to get rid of dry patches & snake skin. I rub it in circular motion from my legs to my arms and then jump into my favorite pjs. The next day, my skin feels almost bouncy in a way and it’s starting to look good again. Plus, it makes my whole bathroom smell like a French bakery and trust me, I am not complaining at all!



    • Axelle
      October 8, 2015 / 11:39

      They are indeed, although they do make me a bit hungry 😉

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