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As much as I love to keep things positive over here, sometimes it seems impossible. This week has been hell on earth for us and I couldn’t decided whether or not I wanted to share it with you here but it seems weird not to do so.

In late April this year, I lost Chipie, the cat I found when I was around 8 years old. She quickly became my best (furry) friend and followed me through my childhood expeditions, my teenage drama and patiently waited for me when I decided to live abroad. When I came back to Brussels, she moved in with us and seemed happier than ever! Sadly, she passed away really abruptly this spring and left an awfully empty space in my heart.

It came as an evidence for me and my boyfriend to get a new cat but we also knew that we needed time to heal. We also wanted to wait until the end of summer and vacations to spend as much time as possible with our new cat.

Last weekend felt like the right time for us to go out and get a new someone. So, on Saturday we went to a shelter and got not one, but two new kittens. We were overly excited to have rescued these two little cuties and couldn’t wait to get home. Everything was fine until Sunday, when Pika (the little girl) started to feel sick. She spent all day sleeping and she wouldn’t eat nor drink. We headed to the pet clinic as soon as possible and left her there to spend the night.

The night became a full day, then another night. We were absolutely mortified and worried about her as well as for Bloo (the kitty boy) and Fendi (our cute 2 years old dog).
Then, as we got good news yesterday noon (she was stable but still needed a perfusion) Bloo started to get sick. We were heartbroken to leave him at the pet clinic as well.

These last 4 days have been amongst the most stressful I have ever experimented. I have been through a lot these last few years and this was just the cherry on top. To be honest, I wasn’t in the mood for blogging and all I wanted to do was hide under my duvet and wait for the storm to pass.

Anyways, today we got good news. Pika is finally eating for the first time since we got her and Bloo isn’t any worse. Although I would like to say that they’re on their way to a beautiful happy life nothing is set in stone yet. We’re hoping for the best and crossing our fingers as well as our toes. I’ll keep you posted on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and I hope to come back really soon over here with good news and new posts.

In the meantime be well, take care and kiss the ones you love.


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