3 tips for a stressless trip

3 tips for a stressless trip

Travelling is one of the best things in life in my humble opinion, and there’s nothing that I like more than heading to new countries, wander around towns that I’ve never visited before and sharing all these moments with my loved ones. That being said, travelling can be a bit stressful as well and quite a few of you have asked me to share my best tips for a stressless trip.

Plan ahead

To me, being organised makes me a less stressed person. In life, I function better when everything is written down in my planner and when my home office is as neat and tidy as possible. The same applies to travel so I try to be as organised as possible. I start my research online early on and keep a board on my Pinterest account to save any relevant information. I personally like to book my hotels by using hotels.com since I can easily search by city and filter my research to what matters to me. Once my hotels and flights are booked, I use my Trip it app on my phone to keep all the informations organised and available at all time. I totally love this app and I can’t stress enough good things about it.

Pack smart

Packing is on the top of the list of what people dislike the most about travelling, and it’s easily understandable. Figuring out what you might need, what you’ll want to wear and what you absolutely shouldn’t forget is daunting. Over the years I’ve found that having the right suitcase is crucial. I recently decided to get a new carry on suitcase since most of my business trips are often pretty short. And I knew exactly what I wanted: something sturdy and classic, that would protect all my stuff while still being practical. Enter my new obsession, the Samsonite ultimo cabin. This amazing suitcase has plenty of space on the inside to store all your clothes, shoes and accessories while its front pocket is specially designed to store all your documents, laptop, tablet and chargers. I got it right before my trip to Amsterdam last week (more on that coming later) and I am in love with it. While it is not as light as I expected it to be, it is by far the best carry on that I’ve ever had. This one comes especially handy if you’re often travelling with quite a bit of technology, like myself. That being said, this suitcase looks pretty common, so I made sure to add my new Karl Lagerfeld luggage tag on it to be able to identify it super quickly while adding a fun touch to it. Plus, it contains all my contact information just in case!

Settle down

One of the very first thing that I do once I reach my destination is unpack. I know it sounds like the most boring thing ever but trust me, it makes a real difference. I used to be the girl that never unpacked, which meant that I would spend hours trying to find the belt I was looking for or that gorgeous top that I purchased two days ago. Unpacking first thing only takes about 10 minutes and it makes the rest of my stay a lot less stressful, I promise. One last tip before I go: use pouches to store everything, from jewelry to chargers and cords, it makes the whole unpacking/packing process a whole lot easier!

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  1. February 5, 2016 / 11:49

    Planning ahead is really key for me. If I don’t I’ll A) forget essential stuff and B) get all stressed out.

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