5 easy ways to make your day better

 5 easy ways to have a better dayWhen life gets in the way, it’s easy to find ourselves running from one meeting to another only to crash in bed at 11PM with the feeling that we need more hours in a day. That’s pretty much what has been happening for me since the beginning of this year but I’ve realised that I could make any busy day feel a lot better with these 5 easy steps.

Establish a morning ritual

I am a real morning person and while I love that, I feel like my mornings are always too short. To make the most of my time, I’ve decided to implement an easy but efficient morning routine that helps me to start my day on the right path. I usually wake up around 7AM and jump in the shower first thing. After a short skincare routine, I head downstairs to feed my pets, start my breakfast and make myself my usual soy latte. I make sure to make the most of ‘dead times’ (like waiting for my coffee) by answering comments, unloading the dishwasher or adding a few things to my to do list. Then, I get dressed, do my hair & makeup and sit down at my desk by 8AM.

Morning ritual with Ricola

Take a break

During busy work days, it’s pretty easy to forget to take a break. I am the kind of person that quickly eats a salad at her desk without looking down from her screen for a single minute. But recently, I’ve noticed that I am much more efficient if I take a quick break, even just for a few minutes. I’ll usually make myself a hot cup of tea and snack on a couple of Ricola. These bonbons are a real throwback to my childhood and I totally love them. They’re sweet but beneficial since they are made with Swiss herbs that are great to soothe your throat. As a kid, I was always snacking on these before heading to my music class and I can’t believe that they’re still using the original recipe that was created 75 years ago, crazy huh?!

Desk break

Make time for exercise

As much as I would like to say that I run 10 miles a day, the truth is that I don’t. I don’t always find the motivation to lace up my sneakers and go for a run but I’ve recently made the decision to go back to ballet. I’ve found a great school only 5 minutes away from my home, and I head over there one to two times a week. I stopped ballet when I was around 8 and I had forgotten how much I enjoy it! It’s fun to go back to something that I enjoyed so much and to discover that I still do! Therefore, I highly encourage you to try something new or to sign up for a class in your neighborhood. I personally love aerial silks, bikram yoga and pilates.

Back to Ballet

Make yourself a priority (sometimes)

After a long and tiring day, I often need to take a few minutes for myself. I’ll usually run a hot bath, apply my favorite face mask and read a good book to unwind before spending the evening with my fiancé. As much as I love being around other people, I sometimes need to be all by myself and I love that. If you’ve had a rough day, take some time for yourself and go for a walk around the block, blast your favorite songs in your bedroom or get cosy on the couch with the latest issue of your favorite magazine. You’ll instantly feel a hundred times better, I promise!

Pampering time

Get cosy

As much as I love to try the latest restaurant in town with my closest friends, there’s nothing that I enjoy more than a cosy evening at home. I’ll change into comfortable clothes (usually yoga pants & an oversized top), light up a candle and pick a great movie to watch with my fiancé. We both love snacking during the movie so I’ll usually bring two cups of tea, some grapes, nuts and some Ricola as well. These feel like a real treat while being healthy and we both love them!Cosy time with Ricola

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  1. March 11, 2016 / 08:55

    I have a fixed morning routine and for me it’s just the perfect way to start the day. Especially because it includes a nice big breakfast 🙂

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