All wrapped up


For years and years, I’ve seen gift wrapping as a chore. My mum is the queen of gift wrapping so I always relied on her to wrap my presents, until recently. After a good old search on Youtube, I finally mastered gift wrapping 101 and I am now looking forward to wrapping gifts for special occasions. Since Christmas is fast approaching, here are my tips and tricks to get everything done quickly and to enjoy it!


  • Watch tutorial videos on Youtube. This one and this one really helped me to master the folding technique.
  • Stick with a theme. For this Holidays season, I chose simple designs with a vintage feel as well as old school rope.
  • Buy your supplies on sale. Each year, I stock up on wrapping paper and gift tags during the January sales. This way, you’ll have a variety of supplies to choose from next Christmas and you won’t have to go out two days before Christmas to buy some expensive paper!
  • If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen this photo. Something I’ve learn this year is to get really good scissors!
  • Create a wrapping station. I have mine year-round tucked underneath my bed, but I switch it for a more festive one every November. Watch my video tutorial here!
  • Rely on boxes and gift bags for items like scarves, bottles of wine and candles.




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