Blast from the past


I’ve always considered myself a keeper. Clothes, books, jewelry or random memorabilia, I keep everything. Sometimes, it can get pretty bad (think overflowing closets around the house) but sometimes I am glad to hold onto things.For example, the top I am wearing in these photos is an oldie that I got during my first trip to London with the boyfriend (we’re actually planning on going back soon!) while I got my top when I was still a fashion design student in Paris. And let’s not forget this Prada beauty, an impulsive buy in Milan years ago that turns out to be one of my favorite piece in my whole closet!Do you hold on to things like I do?






I am wearing:

Top: Love from Topshop (old)
Blazer: Asos (old)
Jeans: American eagle
Shoes: Mango (old)
Bag: Prada
Bracelet: Cartier Love
Ring: Tiffany and co (similar here)
Earrings: American apparel


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