Snacking on Alpro mild & creamy


People who know me in real life know that I am a bit of a healthy eating freak. I’ve been vegetarian since I turned 10, my coffee table is buried underneath health books and I feel way too happy when I go shopping at the farmer’s market. Yup, I am weird like that.

But the truth is that when I eat healthy and exercise regularly, I feel less stressed and more ‘myself’. It boosts my self esteem and makes me a happier person! I eat pretty healthy meals but snacking is my weak spot. I always get a bit hungry in between meals and I often find myself wandering around my kitchen with no idea of a fulling yet yummy snack. I recently got hooked on the Alpro mild & creamy and I’ve been playing around with different toppings and flavors. I am so happy to have finally find a great dairy alternative that satisfies my sweet tooth and keeps me energized through the day. My instagram feed is now flooded with photos of my snacks and here are my favorite combinations :
• mild & creamy nature + goji berries + chocolate chips

• mild & creamy blueberry + coconut flakes + dried mango

• mild & creamy nature + crunchy caramel muesli + chocolate chips

• mild & creamy lime + crunchy muesli + dried raspberries

• mild & creamy lime + mild & creamy blueberry + chia seeds

• mild & creamy nature + flax seeds + dried cranberries

• mild & creamy blueberry + muesli

• mild & creamy blueberry + pecans + coconut flakes

• mild & creamy lime + chia seeds + coconut flakes

This post is not sponsored. Alpro kindly sent me a pack of their mild & creamy to try out and since I love it so much, I thought I would share it with you! You can read my full disclosure here.


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