Diary #16

This Sunday is dedicated to DIY projects

Sometimes all you need to cheer you up is just sunny weather and some DIY projects. Life can be as simple as that!


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Nail polish rack is on its way!
DIY nail polish rack (video coming this week!)
Wine testing!
Wine testing for a friend birthday
Love ski shopping! Leaving in 2 weeks!
Leaving for the mountains in 2 weeks!
And it calls for a Corona!
Mexican food at home

Home made Mexican food!

This is how I like my Martini: with a shoe!
How I like my Martini: with a shoe in it
Stuck in traffic on our way to Antwerp!
Stuck in traffic on our way to Antwerp

OPI Gel color day 3: Stills flawless!

Pig for sale!
No Concept market
Well hello leopard legs! No time no see!
Leopard legs!
Testing the new OPI gel color
OPI gel color (review this week)
Beautiful manicure and a glass of wine... Perfect
Enjoying a glass of wine at Bowery

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  1. Nouvelle Vague
    May 3, 2011 / 15:33

    j’aime bcp la bague que tu porte sur la dernière photo !

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