Diary #20

CrowdAt the launch for JPG and Coca lightI cant believe that all my stuff fits in here!Today is a sad day. We said goodbye to our dear doggie,who has been with us for so many years. Popi,you'll be missed...Walk in our local parkMatyfied my manicure and add some sparkling!@in_mag team!Can you guess what's in the bag?Hydration!!I need these @hmbelgique sunglasses as soon as possible!!Tonight's manicure: YSL rose gold and Essie brooch the subject #nailsFacebook,you're so damn funny!

This week has been bitter sweet for me. I worked on an exciting project for (in)significant magazine, spent some time with y boyfriend and overall enjoyed being back home.
But this week, we also lost Popi, our beloved family dog that we had for 14 years. She appeared a couple of times on the blog but was such an important part of our lives. She has been ill for the last couple of months but was really brave and calm. She left us Tuesday while sleeping.
I come from a family where we love pets. Since I was born, we always had dogs and cats in the house. When one of them dies, it is always awful as they are part of our family. Popi had been an incredible dog: funny, calm and with a strong personality. We will miss her a lot…



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