DIY rhinestone sneakers


DIY Miu Miu sneakers

I remember some years ago, I was in London with my mum and my feet were hurting like hell. We were at Harrod’s at the time and I decided to buy a new pair of shoes as my feet refused to take me any further. I was then that I first saw the Miu Miu glitter sneakers. I immediately felt in love with their over the top look, promise of comfort and overload of rhinestones. But the reality was that I wasn’t so in love with their price tag!
I purchased a random pair of booties on sale at Topshop that day, but kept the Miu Miu awesomeness in a corner of my head.Here I am, years later, recreating a similar version with my bare hands. And rhinestones. And glue. In case you wanna do your own “too much is never enough” sneakers, here’s my video tutorial for you!


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