Empties autumn 2015

When we moved, I suddenly realised that I own way too many things, especially in the beauty department. I have shampoo bottles by the dozen, half used face creams and a stock of shower gels to last me a lifetime. And the fact that I have a lot of extra room helped me to justify holding on to these products… But right now, I see things in a new way. There’s no point in keeping a lot of backups if I never use them, there’s no reason to hold on to products that I don’t love. I’ve made the promise to myself to downsize all my beauty stuff as much as I can and only keep products that I truly love, madly and deeply. Of course, there are a ton of products that I am donating to friends and family, but these are all brand new and never touched. For the rest… Well, you’ll see what I got rid of in this video!



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