Esprit x FaceHunter

You might have already seen them, but they are too good not to be shared!

“I love my city” is a mini serie of 4 videos, each one starring a blogger showing Yvan Rodic aka the FaceHunter the best hang outs, shops and restaurants in their cities.

There’s nothing I like more than travelling with a notebook full of insider’s tips on cool places and must do things. So, as I watched these videos, I had my black Moleskine and a pen next to me and I was writing down all the cool things to do, eat and shop in these cities.

I think these videos also capture real moments and real people. I’ve been lucky enough to visit all four cities and I swear that each video took me back there. In the heat of Hong Kong, along the water in Amsterdam, in an hidden garden in Paris or in the busy streets of New York.

There’s something about Yvan Rodic though. I’ve been reading his blog for as long as I can remember and he never fail to capture these moments of pure authenticity and joy all around the globe.

These videos are, in my eyes, the result of a great collaboration between a brand and bloggers. Indeed, Esprit is behind all of that and I especially like the fact that Esprit is not the main thing in any of these videos. On the contrary, I believe that the cities are really well chosen and represent, all in a different way, the essence of Esprit.

So take a break, make yourself a nice cup of tea and travel with Esprit and FaceHunter.



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