How to style your bookshelves

As far as I can remermber, I always loved to decorate my bookshelves. As a kid, I would religiously align all my Sylvanian families together. As a teenager, I mixed my favorite books (I used to be obsessed with Georgia Nicolson) with holidays memories and photos of me and my friends. When I moved to Paris and learnt how to live in a 25 square meters appartement, I also learned to do the most with my bookshelves. They were jam packed with fashion magazine, design books and random things that I didn’t want to get rid of.
When we moved into our current appartement, we decided to add some bookshelves in our living room to display our favorite books and objects (you might remember seeing it for the first time here when it was still a work in progress). Today, I filmed a quick video showing you my tips to create a stylish and unique bookshelf!



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