Martin Grant a/w 14

Martin Grant is a designer that I wasn’t really familiar with until two weeks ago. During Paris fashion week, I was fortunate enough to get a personal look at his new fall/winter collection and let me tell you that I was drooling over everything.First of all, this is a well thought collection. Each piece is designed to work with another one to create a dream closet. Maxi skirts, little black dresses and cosy coats are what make this collection so enviable. There’s something for everyone, from business ladies to twenty something girls partying across the globe.The colors are beautiful, with rich tones of pink and blue that contrast with soft grey and classic blacks. My favorite piece from the whole collection has to be this black & blue dress that you’ll see on the last photo. I love how classic it is while being so modern in the same time. Love.

Discover more on Martin grant’s website.


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