New videos

I have a confession to make.Sometimes I get a bit carried away on Youtube.

Earlier today, I was having lunch with two gorgeous ladies – namely Valérie and Nadia – and of course we ended up talking about beauty naughty purchases and Youtubers.

And I have to admit that I am kind of addicted to Youtube (and caramel latte but that’s another story!). I watch Youtube videos pretty much everyday, while I do my makeup or during my lunch break. I learned a lot of new things, discovered amazing products and incredible techniques. But the thing is that, being the Youtbe lover that I am, I tend to forget that people are not all freak like me, checking their subscription box compulsively through the day, and I simply forget to post my videos here…

So there you go, two new videos to watch of me rambling about hair oils, treatments and leave in conditioners!


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