The red dress

It’s not until very recently that I realised that I never wear red. Although my car is this color (I drive a red Mini Cooper with a Union Jack on the top), I only have a handful of red pieces in my wardrobe. Of course, there’s my Chanel bag that you’ve all seen multiple times and this pair of Nike but that’s pretty much it.

However, when I visted the H&M showroom last week, I was immediately drawn to this red dress. It’s not the kind of dresses that I usually love but something clicked instantly. And ever since I got it, I can’t stop wearing it! I took it with me to Bordeaux and ever since, I’ve worn it on a weekly basis. I love to pair it with my Minelli sandals and my denim jacket for a chic yet summery look. And to be completely honest with you, I’ve purchased a couple of red pieces since then that I can’t wait to show you!




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