Turning 23


Today, I am turning 23 years old. And to be honest with you, it feels a bit weird. Somehow, I completely forgot how close my birthday was until last Friday. That is weird enough by itself to be mentioned. I am the kind of girl that does the whole countdown and party planning as early as two months in advance but this year, I didn’t even think about it.I guess 23 isn’t really a number that inspires me. It feels so serious and grown up… Maybe it is time for me to get my first anti wrinkle cream?But enough rambling about premature aging, and moving on to this outfit. This combination of great basics has been my go to look for the last couple of days. Skinny jeans, striped top and a cinnamon coat – as easy as it gets.

❤ Axelle





Essentiel coat*, Zara jeans and top, Acne Pistol boots, Alexander Wang Prisma bag, H&M beanie, Primark sunnies. 


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