Wardrobe fundamentals


I am currently in the process of purging and updating my wardrobe. Yesterday, I spent a good hour in my closet, taking out items that I don’t really wear (keep your eyes out, these will be for sale really soon!) and trying on things that I wasn’t sure about. The whole process felt really calming and allowed myself to acknowledge what I really love and wear. With that in mind, I created this little collage of what I think are good wardrobe fundamentals. With a good dozen of garments and the right accessories, you can create as many looks as you want. My number one tip would be to invest in classics (a good pair of jeans, a fun cashmere scarf or a beautiful watch) and save on the pieces that don’t last that long (fun tops, colorful belts and everyday sneakers).┬áDon’t forget to tell me in the comments section what are your wardrobe fundamentals!

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