White collar

Axelle Blanpain via styleplayground.com

I remember my first day at boarding school in England like it was yesterday. I was overly stressed, so scared because I didn’t know anyone but I also remember having fun with my outfit. That might seem like a very odd thing to remember but it was the first time in my life that I had to wear an uniform. It wasn’t something overly strict but we add to wear a suit, proper shoes & a white shirt. I ended up in the headmaster’s office a few times during that year because apparently I was having a little bit too much fun with my uniform (think oversized men shirt worn with skinny jeans & studded flats!). Looking back, I still like some of my outfits and it’s pretty funny because I was already blogging at the time (on another platform that is!) and I discovered the photos randomly on my laptop a few days ago.

Fast forward to nearly a decade (!!), and I am still playing with those codes. I found this great sleeveless top from Diane von Furstenberg years ago in Chicago and I absolutely love it. You can’t really tell on these photos but the shirt is made of a beautiful nude silk while a crisp white collar makes quite a statement. I love to wear it on its own (like in this outfit) but this winter I’ve been wearing it underneath my favorite jumpers. Another piece that I’ve been wearing non stop is my Clio Goldbrenner bag. Believe it or not, it’s my first bag from the Belgian designer but I absolutely love it. It’s small & compact but holds quite a lot!

White collarClio Goldbrenner Axelle Blanpain via styleplayground.com Clio Goldbrenner Axelle Blanpain via styleplayground.com Karl Lagerfeld watch

DVF shirt • Bash sweater • American Eagle jeans • Karl Lagerfeld watch* • Clio Goldbrenner Dionysos bag* • Valentino rocks stud flats • Aline precious earrings*



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