Diptyque Rosafolia

Diptyque Rosafolia candle

Whenever I am looking for a small gift for a friend, I always tend to go for a Diptyque candle. These candles are a true luxury treat but I feel like people don’t always take the plunge to treat themselves… When I was in Paris earlier this month, my friend Elena let me crash at her place. So to say thank you, I wanted to get her a beautiful Diptyque candle to lit in her gorgeous small apartment near Bastille. To me, Diptyque is the ultimate Parisian chic brand and I feel like having a Diptyque candle in a Parisian flat is the ultimate sophistication. So off I went with her to the Diptyque store in le Marais. I didn’t want to pick out the scent myself as I feel like it’s a very personal thing, so I asked her to pick her favorite. While she gave the whole store a sniff, my eyes spotted the gorgeous Rosafolia candle. I’ve seen it first on Katia’s blog (which is totally amazing by the way) and sadly it was sold out in Brussels. They had it at Skin Cosmetics in Amsterdam but I didn’t get it for whatever reason… So when I saw it, I immediately asked the sale assistant to put one aside for me. Elena finally settled on Opopanax, one of my all time favorite, and we both left the store happy about our new goodies.

Ever since I’ve been back from Paris, I’ve been burning this little gem almost everyday in my closet/office and it’s as gorgeous as its packaging. The smells is very Parisian, a beautiful blend of rose macarons from Ladurée and the fresh air of a crisp spring morning. Yep, it is that dreamy. I find that it burns a bit more slowly than other Diptyque candles and it smells a bit stronger as well in my opinion. While I hope that this beauty will last a very long time, I already have plans to reuse this gorgeous container in our future home!

One last tip before I go, if you want this candle, be quick, it’s literally flying off the shelves. And it would make a beautiful Mother’s day present, just saying…

Diptyque Rosafolia candleDiptyque Rosafolia candle



  1. Katia | beautyminded
    March 19, 2015 / 17:21

    It’s without a doubt the best candle for Spring, in design and in scent ✨ Thank you for the mention, I had a little Lush haul thanks to you, the article is comin’

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