I said yes!


Last weekend has been the most emotional one I ever lived. We were showered by love from our friends & family as we got engaged this past weekend.Last Friday, I came back home to the best surprise ever. My boyfriend was waiting for me in total secret (I thought he was at work) and asked me to marry him. I cannot express how I felt at that very moment, I started shaking and my eyes teared up of joy. It took me no time to say yes as I know that it’s him. He’s the man of my life, the man who makes me laugh even during the darkest times, who makes me happy to get up in the morning and to go to bed at night, the man who knows me better than myself. We kept the news a secret for the last few days as we wanted to savor it on our own and celebrate with our closest friends and family but I am so happy to share the news with you all today!


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