Ripped jeans and Bobby sneakers


Yay for randomly sitting on a tree!
So finally, here they are, my Isabel Marant sneakers… With a peek-a-boo story…

When I first discovered the Isabel Marant sneakers, over two years ago if I remember well, I loved them. I though they were bloody amazing but I didn’t buy them because first, they are super expensive and then because I couldn’t really see them fit in my wardrobe. Then, I kept my eye on these, but only on other people. I loved them but still, not for me. 
But then, my friend Eva bought the Willow sneakers in off white. I was so curious to try them and it is exactly what lost me. These beauties are awfully comfortable! I tried them in a parking lot (random, I know) and started running, jumping and driving! The thing is, since I moved back to Brussels a couple of months ago, I’ve been out and about a lot. That means driving my red mini around town a lot, and I hate to drive with heels on! So, when I found out that driving with theses sneakers wasn’t a problem, I was sold!
I started chasing them all over Belgium and the internet. Without success. They were either sold out or in weird colors and I knew I wanted them as neutral as possible. So, when I left for London, I was so grumpy having to wait until June for them to be restocked in Brussels (I know, this sounds totally spoiled brat, but I am sure you know the feeling of wanting something so much that waiting seems like an eternity!)
But, on my way back to Brussels, Eva (which quickly became my partner in crime for hunting these sneakers) texted me that Cyrielle was selling one of her friend’s pair. I don’t need to tell you how excited I was!
As soon as I touched the Belgian ground, I texted Cyrielle, and the next day, they were at my (happy) feet (to tell you the ugly truth, I was sick and in bed all day, except for these moments where I would get up just to wear them 5 min, pathetic I tell you).
Anyways, long story short (or not), I love them to death! I found myself wearing them all week, so be prepared to see them a lot around here!










Isabel Marant Bobby sneakers
Cheap Monday ripped jeans
American Apparel top
Silent + Noise cardigan
Stella McCartney sunnies
Balenciaga bag
Random bracelets from Topshop, Pierre de Greef*, Cos
Cartier love bracelet
Name necklace from Etsy
Star necklace from Forever 21
Asos ring

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  1. Marie
    July 17, 2011 / 15:09

    casual but very lovely 🙂

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