Outlet shopping & painting the attic

Last week was kinda crazy, but in a super good way! I love those busy weeks where I get to work on the blog and on exciting new projects and collaborations! The coming months will be just as crazy I think and I honestly can’t wait.

We also made a bit of progress in our new house. While it’s far from being ready yet (our bathtub and shower got delivered this morning, yay!) we already love it there. We’ve found ourselves having dinner in our garden quite a few times and I can’t wait to move it!

I also spent last weekend in Maasmechelen village and stayed at the Ter Hills hotel. My stay was really magical and this luxury pause really helped me to recharge my batteries… and my closet! Indeed, some naughty shopping happened over there but hey, how can you say no to such a good deal? Of course, I’ll show you the bag and the two dresses that I got really soon on the blog, don’t worry!


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