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I spent all day yesterday on set, shooting a really fun video with l’Oréal that will be revealed really soon (I’ll keep you guys updated on that!). While I loved the experience, my skin didn’t feel the same way. Being on camera requires quite a bit of makeup and a lot of retouches during the day. While the makeup artist did a really good job at covering all my imperfections and made my eyebrows look like a million bucks, I came back home with very dry skin. During these busy days, I always forget to drink water and rely more on caffeine and fizzy drinks. Which is bad, really bad. Not only for my body & health but also for my skin that gets totally dehydrated and beg for some hydration.

As soon as I came back home yesterday night, I went directly to the bathroom to take all of my makeup off (but not before kissing the fiancé first though!). I first took all my makeup off by using my beloved Clinique ‘take the day off cleansing balm’. This rich balm melt into your skin and dissolves everything, including waterproof mascara and layers of high coverage foundation. It feels really luxurious on your skin and really helps to get into a more relaxed mood. I always use a hot cloth to take it off and make sure that there’s nothing left on my skin. In the evening, I love to double cleanse, especially after a busy day like yesterday. My skin feels so fresh and clean afterwards that I immediately feel the same way. I reached for my Clarisonic Aria yesterday night, and used it on the highest setting with my Algenist ‘gentle rejuvenating cleanser’. I did the whole one minute routine and rinsed everything with another hot cloth. My skin felt so much more better afterwards, it was crazy. I sprayed a few spritz of the Elemental herbology ‘flower harmonizing mist’ on my skin afterwards and immediately followed by the cult Estée Lauder ‘advanced night repair serum’. I’ve claimed my love for this stuff before, and I still do. This product is simply brilliant. It evens out your skin tone, inject moisture back into your skin and trust me, you wake up with seriously good looking skin the next day! A bit of Nuxe ‘rêve de miel lip balm’ and a generous amount of their ‘crème prodigieuse enrichie face moisturizer’ later, and I was ready for a laid back dinner at home and a great movie. I woke up with incredible skin this morning, not only does it feel really soft but it doesn’t look dry or dehydrated at all! Now it’s time to drink some green tea and lots of water to make up for yesterday’s bad behaviour!


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